Some things get better when they work together, in partnership and balance. Like natural ingredients when they are supported by scientific expertise. The balance of nature and science is what makes ProBalance the best choice for your pet to make sure they thrive, are happy, healthy and active. ProBalance is made from quality, natural ingredients with foods fortified with vitamins & minerals that are expertly blended to perfection with care by nutritionists and veterinary scientists. And like nature and science ProBalance and your pet are better together.

Better nature, better science, better balance.


Natural Ingredients

High quality proteins & a range of superfoods such as blueberries, cranberries, fish oils and yucca are carefully selected for their key nutritional benefits. These form the base of our recipes and work in tandem with ActivBlend, our proprietary mix of vitamins & minerals, to deliver a nutritionally rich complete & balanced food.


Real Quality Meat

Essential for your pet’s health, lean proteins fuel healthy brain & muscle development.


Natural Oils

Rich in vital omegas that nourish the skin & coat.


Superfoods, vegetable & fruits

A natural selection of key vitamins & minerals that help keep your pet healthy & strong.

Fortified with
Vitamins & Minerals


ActivBlendTM is a unique blend of nutrients, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants that work in tandem with nutrient dense superfoods & essential proteins. This combination of nature & science delivers complete, balanced nutrition that exceeds AAFCO nutritional guidelines and supports healthier lives for pets.

ActivBlend fortifies the product with higher levels of key nutrients that support the defence system, improving immunity for better wellbeing. Targeted nutrients increase the efficiency of your pet’s metabolism to maximise the intake of energy and protein from food.

ProBalance foods with ActivBlend deliver a nutritional profile 20% above the industry standard, AAFCO.

Health Benefits


Healthy Teeth, Bone & Muscle

Quality proteins, macro minerals & essential trace elements for healthy bones, teeth & lean muscle maintenance.


Immune Support

Natural antioxidants & minerals boosted with a select blend of vitamins, including beta-carotene, vitamin C & E, may support a healthy immune system.


Healthy Digestion

Natural prebiotic vegetable fibres & yeast extract may help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria & support healthy digestion.


Joint Health & Mobility

Formulated with EPA & vitamin D which may help promote joint health & mobility.


Cognitive Support

Contains DHA and added vitamin A which may help support cognitive functions, promoting mental alertness & sharpness in all life stages.


Healthy Skin & Coat

A balance of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids plus zinc for healthy skin & a vibrant coat.

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Functional benefits vary by product. Please refer to the product page for more specific information.


Vet Endorsement

ProBalance complete & balance pet foods intended for daily feeding have been reviewed and endorsed by the Greencross Vets Nutritional Advisory Panel as complying with the nutritional guidelines set by AAFCO.

So you can be assured you are feeding your pet everything they need to thrive.

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